Principal awards received during the year

Pirelli received numerous awards in 2011 for its sustainable performance accomplishments, the diversity of which reflects the sustainable approach throughout the entire value chain and towards all stakeholders. Some of the awards it has received are listed below in reverse chronological order, from January 2012 to January 2011:


  • The survey by Encircle Marketing, a firm specialised in post-sale automotive market research, Sell Out and Selling Way prices, declared Pirelli to be the most highly recommended tyre brand of the year, for the second year in a row, receiving 6.7% of all recommendations in the sector.
  • Pirelli was named world sustainability leader in the “Auto parts and Tyres” Sector and Gold Class Company for the fifth year in a row in the prestigious Sustainability Yearbook 2012, published by SAM Group in collaboration with KPMG.
  • The biennial study presented by the international rating agency Vigeo entitled Non-discrimination and equal opportunities in the workplace ranked Pirelli among the 20 most advanced European companies in terms of equal opportunity and workplace non-discrimination management. The survey covered 539 companies, 34 sectors and 18 countries, or 80% of European market capitalisation.


  • Pirelli received the 82nd Tyre and Fast Fit Awards (TAFF) from the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA), an association that promotes the interests of tyre resellers in the United Kingdom. The various candidates that were selected by resellers, until they were narrowed down to the five most voted brands in 2011, were Continental, Michelin, Yokohama, Hankook and Pirelli . Product safety and reliability standards were the items that led to Pirelli being awarded.
  • Pirelli was named the most famous tyre brand in Brazil for the ninth year in a row. This recognition comes in addition to the Top of Mind award, in the category “Top Male” Pirelli, and was the most famous company brand in all segments. The survey was conducted nationwide by the Istituto DataFolha. The award was given on October 25 in São Paulo, by the Folha de São Paulo Group.


  • Following the 2011 revision of the Dow Jones indices – carried out by SAM Group, the Swiss asset manager responsible for assessment, admission or exclusion of the companies from the Dow Jones sustainability equity indices – Pirelli was confirmed global Sustainability Leader in the Auto parts & Tires sector for the fifth year in a row, as part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices.

JUNE 2011

  • Pirelli is one of the 100 companies with the best reputation in the world, being ranked 31 in the 2011 Global RepTrakTM100, the most authoritative annual reputational survey of the world’s biggest companies conducted by the Reputation Institute. The ranking is the result of a survey conducted in April 2011 of 48,000 consumers in 15 countries who gave their opinion on a panel composed of the 100 top companies in the world..

MAY 2011

  • The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso II arrived before the annual comparative test of sports tyres conducted by two prestigious, specialised German publications: Motorrad and PS. The series of innovations developed over seven years as official supplier of WSBK enabled the Diablo Rosso II to beat the competition, without awesome track performance using highway tyres. It got the highest score for road hold and grip in dry conditions.
  • In China Pirelli won the “best marketing award” during the “China Auto Aftersales Summit Forum Awards”..

APRIL 2011

  • Pirelli was rewarded at the London Stock Change as the Italian business with the best corporate governance. This recognition took the form of the World Finance Award 2011, the prestigious international prize that since 2007 has selected leading businesses in the areas of corporate governance and financial activity management.
  • The survey by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global leader in business strategy consulting, ranked Pirelli in the Top ten of Value Creators. In fact, the Company was one of the top ten Italian companies that posted the highest rates of stock earnings in 2010.
  • At Moline, Illinois (USA), John Deere, one of the biggest makers of agricultural and construction equipment in the world, gave Pirelli Agro its highest recognition in the Hall of Fame sector, awarded every year only to those suppliers that over time (five years) have been confirmed as offering excellent products and service. For the fifth year in a row, Pirelli Agro Brasile won the world prize for excellence as best supplier.


  • In Tokyo Pirelli won the Toyota Regional Contribution Award as best supplier of tyres to this Japanese car maker in South America. The prize, awarded by the Chairman of Toyota, was given as part of the Toyota Global Contribution Award. Pirelli , the first tyre supplier to receive this prestigious Toyota award, was recognised for quality, price and prompt deliveries.
  • P Zero won the summer tyre tests organised by the specialised German magazine Auto Zeitung, which pitted 14 different tyres makers against each other in the 225/45 R 17 tyre category. In six tests under wet conditions, P Zero proved exceptional in stopping from 100 km/h, safe driving and road hold, and very good in aquaplaning. In the seven tests under dry conditions, P Zero stunned observers by its extremely fast speed in curves and directional stability.


  • In China, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the magazine Auto news ranked the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyre as “The best balanced tyre of the year.” The Cinturato P7 stood out for its road hold, stability, tread pattern optimised to reduce noise and the low-carbon emissions production process.
  • In England, Pirelli was ranked as the Most Recommended Tyre Brand for 2010, according to the market survey conducted by Encircle Marketing.
  • Pirelli won the first edition of the Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards Italy 100, qualifying as number one in Italy in online communication of employer branding, i.e. the company’s appeal as employer on the basis of the transparent, clear and concise communication through which it seeks to attract job applicants. The analysis considers the principal components of online employer branding: Proposition (how the company presents itself and what it offers to employees), Recruitment (information for job candidates) and User experience (presentation of content).