Sustainability in the organisational structure

The organisational basis of sustainability governance is represented by the Sustainability Steering Committee, which is also responsible for equal opportunity issues and policy. This body, which was formed by the Chairman at the beginning of 2004 and is chaired personally by him, is responsible for setting policy and guiding the advancement of sustainability throughout the Group. Then, the organisational structure is made up of a Group Sustainability and Risk Governance (SRG) Department, which reports directly to the Group General Counsel. The SRG Department is comprised by the Group Sustainability and Equal Opportunities Office and Sustainability and Equal Opportunities Country Managers, covering all Group affiliates.

Sustainability organizational structure

Struttura Organizzativa Sostenibilità

Planning and sustainable management operating system

The info-graphic illustrates the operating steps focused on continuous improvement of sustainable performance.

PIRELLI process for sustainability management

PIRELLI process for sustainability management