Our customers

“The Pirelli Group bases the excellence of its products and services on non-stop innovation. Its goal is to anticipate customers’ needs and meet their demands with an immediate and professional response that is delivered with propriety, courtesy, and unstinting cooperation.”
(The Values and Ethical Code – Customers)

The business of Pirelli Tyre is divided into two main segments: Consumer (tyres for cars, SUV, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles) and Industrial (tyres for buses, trucks, agricultural machinery and steel cord).

These businesses are focused in turn on two different sales channels:

  • Original Equipment, which directly serves the world’s leading car and truck makers;
  • Replacement, for the replacement of tyres on motor vehicles that are already in circulation.

A macro-distinction can be made between “Specialised Resellers” and “Dealers” in the “Replacement” channel. Specialised Resellers are tyre specialists that operate as independent businesses. They are a key point of contact between Pirelli and end customers. Special attention is devoted to them in terms of shared development, to enhance the offer of products integrated with high-quality service that is consistent with Pirelli values and customer expectations.

“Dealers” are key partners of Pirelli in guaranteeing continuous supply of tyres to specialised resellers, by offering local delivery and distribution services throughout the whole territory.

In addition to the Business Tyre customers, there is a heterogeneous group of customers classified in the “other businesses” category, which is a quality niche comprised of:

  • Pirelli & C. Ambiente, active in the waste-to-fuel and photovoltaic renewable energy sectors and in environmental clean-up;
  • Pirelli Eco Technology, which operates in the diesel vehicle and heating plant emissions control technology sector;
  • PZero, the fashion design project supporting the Tyre business, which focuses on the Premium and prestige segment where fashion exerts a special appeal, and with the tyre business shares a constant commitment to research, innovation and technology. The first Pirelli brand rubber apparel appeared over a century ago, initiating an uninterrupted relationship between industry and fashion that was relaunched in 2002 with the new PZero project.