International road safety initiatives

A long list of measures have been taken by all European countries to reduce road accidents in accordance with the principles of the European Road Safety Charter (ERSC) signed by Pirelli.

Worthy of mention is the protocol of understanding signed by Pirelli and the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research to promote information and training campaigns targeting Italian drivers, newly licensed drivers and high school students.
Signing of this agreement was accompanied by presentation of the first project resulting from collaboration between Pirelli and the National Police: an educational video that explains the importance and central role of tyres to safe travel. This video was distributed in high schools, published on the website of the Home Affairs Ministry and used as educational material by the National Police.

Training programmes on the role of tyres developed with driving schools in a number of European nations represent one of the most important activities undertaken by the Company in regard to safety. Among these, the “Safety First” project launched in Germany is one of the most intense following acceptance by 51 driving schools across Italy that used the illustrative materials and informative kits provided by Pirelli.

The training and awareness courses offered in Italy also targeted the most loyal resellers, for which specific communication campaigns were offered, for example the Safety Campaign for driver resellers, and informative and promotional materials were distributed on a wider scale, particular in regard to proper tyre replacement (e.g. the importance or statutory obligation to use winter tyres during certain periods of the year or when temperatures fall below 7°C ).

The first Truck Safety Day organised by Pirelli was held in Livigno in mid-January 2012. This event was organised with the awareness that, even if there is no European standard in the industrial vehicle sector that distinguishes specialised winter tyres from those marked M+S, it is necessary to guide users towards using the most appropriate and safest product even in winter conditions.

The participants at the event held in the Livigno ice arena (80 dealers, fleets and journalists from Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland) participated in various comparative tests of winter W:01 and summer H88 tyres, which demonstrated the superior performance of winter models on compacted snow surfaces. Since safety also involves proper maintenance, Pirelli has presented CyberTM Fleet, the system that uses a sensor installed inside the tyre, constantly monitors its pressure and reports anomalies.

The world of motorcycle drivers is particularly sensitive to the issue of road safety. Pirelli has targeted them with a campaign focused on active and passive safety aspects. The introduction of new sizes for the winter scooter tyre is extremely important in that regard.

In July the “Metzeler Summer Check-up” campaign began in Spain, aimed at guaranteeing a higher level of safety for its own motorcyclists. The 450 motorcycling enthusiasts were offered a free check-up and a maintenance kit for chains. The motorcyclists then submitted their motorcycles for adequate inspections before the summer holidays. All of these activities are part of the Metzeler philosophy and its flagship product, the Roadtec Z8, which launched the slogan “Enjoy the distance, safely.”