Listening and exchanging ideas as sources for continuous improvement

Customer relationships are managed principally through two channels:

  • the local sales organisation, which has direct contact with customers and, by using advanced information management systems, can process and respond on-site to all customer information requirements;
  • the Pirelli Tyre Contact Centers, which number 31 worldwide and are staffed by over 200 employees, providing both information assistance and order management (inbound), telemarketing and teleselling (outbound), with a CSI of 98%. A training programme dedicated to Contact Centre operators set up in 2010 was extended to all markets in 2011, in order to improve relationship skills with customers and developing greater technical and commercial skills.
    Specific reports and analyses are generated on the basis of available tools to assess efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
    In 2012 the aim is to continue improving pro-active commercial contacts through targeted marketing, sales and caring.

Pirelli is also present on Facebook (61,000 Fans for more than 23 million post views at December 31, 2011), Twitter (audience of 180,000 persons plus 16,000 followers) and YouTube (with a dedicated channel that recorded more than 1 million video views).

These three channels are constantly updated and show exponential growth of spontaneous participation by fans. The principal aims of this exposure is greater involvement by users interested in the Pirelli brand and products, support for communication of the institutional website and exploitation of the opportunity to transform customer experiences into opportunities for continuous improvement.

The German brand Metzeler is particularly active through RIDEXPERIENCE, the multilingual blog where bloggers share their extreme travel experiences, technical advice and interesting news about the motorcycling world. The fan page dedicated to the Italian, German, English, Spanish, French and United States markets was also appreciated, with 35,000 fans at December 31, 2011. The channel dedicated to Metzeler on YouTube, also had a total of 450,000 video views.

Feedback received in 2011 again included the results of periodic Customer Satisfaction Surveys (on the supply of car tyres), covering the level of customer satisfaction compared with leading competitors in order to measure the impact of action plans implemented in 2010. These plans were defined with each country by engaging all affected functions (from Marketing to Logistics and Quality) on the basis of the results of the 2009 survey.

The trend of general satisfaction towards the market average was extremely positive for Pirelli, which is the best in class competitor in Italy (+3% compared to competitors), Belgium (+6.5% compared to competitors), Spain, Poland and Switzerland. Marketing was confirmed as a strong competitive advantage, with Pirelli best in class in Italia (+5% and +8% vs. the average of competitors), Spain and Switzerland and a satisfaction index that has improved since 2009 in Poland and Belgium.

This same survey (Customer Satisfaction) was conducted for the first time in 2011 in four markets (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany) for customers of the Truck business unit. This survey showed that the level of satisfaction with Pirelli was more than satisfactory in Italy and Spain (with a total score of 3.6 out of 5 on a scale from 1 to 5) and very good in the United Kingdom and Germany (with a total score of 4 out of 5) according to a series of indicators: commercial conditions, complete product range, marketing tools and fleet services, sales force skills, contact centre efficiency, product and logistic quality.

In 2011, the Motorcycle Business Unit conducted Customer Satisfaction surveys in Italy (being ranked 3.9 out of 5), in Germany (4.2 out of 5), and in France, England and Spain, with an extremely high level of European satisfaction and consistent with what was measured in 2010. The figure for the survey conducted in the United States will be available by Q1 2012.

Always using listening and exchange of views as a source for continuous improvement of customer relations, we plan another Dealer Survey (regarding cars) in 2012 that will also be extended to prospective customers to measure the potential market of Pirelli .

The Engaging the Consumers projects was also completed in the top ten markets of Pirelli (Italy, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, United States, Turkey and Russia) in 2011. Using an in-depth analysis of the principal phases of the end customer purchasing process, this project made it possible to define, with the contribution of a highly structured research tool developed by GFK and McKinsey, effective consumer segmentation and consequent marketing plans in support of the Pirelli Premium strategy. In particular, 10,000 surveys of end customers, 33 focus groups and 82 interviews of industry operators were conducted.

The project has also made it possible to investigate the role of the brand, the dealer and the various touch points in influencing the end customer purchasing decision. One of the principal outputs was given by definition of the Premium core target of Pirelli .

Additionally profiling of these outputs are underway to define not only the socio-demographic profile but also general purchasing attitudes and lifestyle in order to provide support for consumer marketing, advertising and media planning activities.

The Engaging the Consumer Project will also continue in 2012 with the repetition of micro-surveys and monitoring the efficiency performance of Pirelli activities in individual markets.

At the end of 2011, the Moto Business Unit began an analysis on the “consumer decision journey” in the Italian, German, English, French, United States and Brazil markets. The results of this analysis will make it possible to reformulate marketing initiatives to enhance their effectiveness.