Product safety, performance and eco-sustainability

Pirelli annually invests about 7% of revenues in the Premium segment to research and development, one of the highest levels in the tyre sector, to create products that improve safety, benefiting persons and the environment and in accordance with its own Green Performance business philosophy.

Road safety, together with reduction in harmful emissions, is one of the key points of Pirelli strategy for increasingly sustainable mobility that drives its industrial and commercial choices.

Research has enabled it to develop materials that are simultaneously ecological and capable of assuring top safety performance. In this sense, the new European labelling standard – for the labels that will disclose the technical and environmental characteristics of tyres – will enable consumers to make better informed choices, especially in regard to braking distance under wet conditions, noise levels and the impact of rolling resistance on fuel consumption.

Eco-sustainable tyres range from the Scorpion Verde, the first high-performance ecological tyre for SUV and Crossover, to the Cinturato P1, a high technology green tyre used on small and medium sized cars, to the PZero Silver, the Ultra High Performance tyre derived from Formula 1. The Cyber Tyre, which is undergoing final testing before going on sale, represents further evolution in terms of safety, due to its capacity to “read” the road surface with an integrated chip that sends the driver important information for safe driving.
In the commercial vehicle segment, the W:01, H:01 and G:01 lines were launched in 2011 to complete the Series 01, introduced in 2009 with the R:01 line. The new lines include tyres for long-distance use, in winter conditions and earth moving and construction equipment. The profound innovation of this product line represents another example of Pirelli commitment. The eco-impact mark on the side of Series 01 tyres (although it is also found on the Cinturato and Scorpion Verde) identifies the products that permit reduced environmental impact through lower rolling resistance, fuel consumption and external noise, plus higher mileage. The new generations of tyres are already made in compliance with future European Union labelling regulations, which come into force in 2012. Pirelli has also chosen early implementation for the early elimination of highly aromatic oils from Green Performance product compounds. It eliminated them in 2008, well in advance of the mandatory 2010 European deadline.

To achieve this, the company relies on its close ties with the most prestigious car makers in a segment that is particularly scrupulous and demanding in terms of safety and performance: the Ultra High Performance market. Continuous improvements in key performance parameters, such as braking performance under dry and wet conditions, offer customers top-quality products in terms of road safety. There are tyres that have been conceived primarily to offer safety and innovation, such as self-supporting tyres or Run Flat tyres, which guarantee vehicle mobility and control even in the event of a sudden loss in pressure. For more details about the eco-sustainable characteristics of Pirelli products, please see the Environmental Dimension chapter in this report.

For more details about product safety, performance and eco-sustainability, please see Chapter 3 – Environmental Dimension in this Report.