The safety of end customers is the focus of Pirelli sustainability day

On January 23, 2012 the Pirelli Sustainability day was held in Milan, with the title “Pirelli Sustainability: a safe road to the future,” an international conference dedicated to evolving trends in attention to consumer health and safety, the environment and a focus on road safety.

The conference, opened by Pirelli Chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera, included presentations by Environment Minister Corrado Clini, Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Industry and Business, and Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Other speakers included Nikhil Chandavarkar, head of Communications of the Sustainable Development Division – United Nations Department, Carlo Fidanza, member of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee, Francesco Gori, Chief Operating Officer of Pirelli , Toby Webb, founder and president of Ethical Corporation, and Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends.

The topics discussed included evolution of the figure and role of consumers in an economic system that has undergone profound changes in development models and market dynamics over the last several decades. For the economist Jeremy Rifkin, the “prosumer,” the new producer-consumer, will be the entity that will assume increasing importance in consequence of “distributed capitalism.” This entity embodies different interests that apparently conflict with those that businesses will have to confront more and more. Reconciling these interests will stimulate firms to identify new, more sustainable growth models.
During the event, Pirelli signed a voluntary agreement with the Environment Minister, in which it agreed to calculate its carbon footprint for the entire life cycle of a tyre representative of its products, while identifying economically more sustainable and efficient measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pirelli has been committed for years to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions (carbon management). The agreement signed by Minister Corrado Clini and Pirelli Chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera is one of the different measures taken by Pirelli to contain its environmental impact.

In accordance with the sustainable approach adopted by Pirelli in all its activities, the “Sustainability Day” was certified according to the BS8901 standard, with it being classified as “Advanced”. The BS8901 standard regulates the system for sustainable management of events. Consequently, independent assessment for issuance of the certificate concerned management of all social, health and safety aspects throughout the entire supply chain involved in planning and realising the event. The CO2 emissions generated during “Sustainability Day” were fully offset by reforestation activities.