In the area of advertising communication, Pirelli established a centralised process for managing advertising campaigns and international media coordination in 2009, with the aim of enforcing compliance by all foreign affiliates with the rules of conduct adopted by the parent company, as well as with local laws and regulations.

The Group is associated with the UPA (Utenti Pubblicità Associati – “Associated Advertising Users”). The Pirelli representative has been named deputy chairman of the association in recognition of the company’s constant commitment and leadership in support of the UPA Code of Conduct. Pirelli also participates in the Consumer Forum. The Forum is an entity created by businesses and consumer associations to promote consumer protection.

Through the UPA, Pirelli is also a member of the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers), which commits participating firms to engage in honest, truthful and fair competition and communication, in accordance with their code of conduct and self-regulation.

Consumer protection is also guaranteed by the company’s choice of suppliers in the communication sector (creative agencies, media centres, production companies) that belong in turn to business and professional associations having ethical codes of communication.

There were no cases of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary regulations applicable to marketing activity in 2011, including advertising, promotion and sponsorship.