Our Suppliers

“Suppliers and outside workers play a key role in improving the competitiveness of the business. While seeking the keenest competitive edge, the Group bases it relations with suppliers and outside workers on fairness, impartiality, and ensuring equal opportunities for all parties concerned.
The Pirelli Group requires that its suppliers and outside workers comply with the principles and rules in this Code.”

(The Values and Ethical Code – Suppliers and Outside Workers).

Sustainability is fully integrated in the relationships between Pirelli and its suppliers.

In compliance with the Group Ethical Code and the “Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility” Policy, Pirelli has developed the necessary procedures in view of continuous improvement to assess and select suppliers and subcontractors according to their commitment to economic, social and environmental responsibility.

The Pirelli system for sustainable management of its supply chain was audited by an independent entity using a high level audit procedure, in accordance with AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008) provisions, both in 2009 and presently and as stated in the letter of assurance accompanying this report.

In accordance with the objective set for 2011, all Pirelli buyers were trained and given in-service training on the best sustainable management practices applicable to the supply chain.