Shareholders, investors and the financial community

“In its relations with all classes of shareholders, with institutional and private investors, financial analysts, market operators and, in general, with the financial community, the Pirelli Group is fully transparent, complies with the requirements of accuracy, timeliness, and equal access, and aims to ensure that a proper valuation of Group assets can be made.”
(The Values and Ethical Code – Shareholders, Investors and the Financial Community).

Pirelli attributes great strategic importance to financial communication, considering it a key tool for building a trust-based relationship with the markets. Accuracy, timeliness, equality and transparency are the basic rules that Pirelli applies to its financial disclosures.

Through top management and the Investor Relations Department, the Group maintains an open and transparent dialogue with analysts and investors – both individuals and institutional investors – in view of promoting fair valuation of its assets.

In 2011, financial communication aimed to promote the Pirelli Equity Story illustrated in the Industrial Plan. Pirelli aims to achieve global leadership in the Premium segment by 2015. This is the highly profitable, high-end tyre segment.

The 2012-2014 Industrial Plan with Vision to 2015 submitted to the financial community in London on November 9, 2011 envisages in summary:

  • an additional push for technological innovation with expansion of the production range
  • streamlining of the production organisation and geographical coverage with more new plants located in countries with rising demand and favourable industrial costs
  • new distribution and consumer marketing models to establish closer ties with customers and encourage customer loyalty
  • brand strength as a strategic asset
  • additional push towards environmental and social targets, as fully described in Chapter 1 of this report.