Environmental performance

In 2011 tyre production volumes surpassed the levels reported in 2010. The specific performance indicators reported below were calculated on these volumes.

The effect of efficiency improvement measures combined with better use of production plants to achieve saturation, have resulted in good environmental performance, although the effects resulting from expansion of certain sites and production have materially impacted certain environmental parameters, with the most visible effect on waste output.

Performance as measured by energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is calculated on the basis of coefficients obtained from the following official sources:

  • PCC: Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (2006);
  • IEA: CO2 emissions from fuel combustion; and are reported according to the scheme proposed by:
  • GHG Protocol: a Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Specifically in regard to scope 2 equivalent CO2 emissions, the average national coefficients are defined according to the last year available in the aforementioned reports and are updated annually.