Solvents are used as secondary process inputs, mainly for cleaning vulcanized rubber. In turn, emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released by the evaporation of solvents.

Pirelli monitors and reports its own consumption of solvents (and thus emission of VOC) by using two principal indicators:

  • absolute consumption, as measured in tonnes of solvent
  • specific consumption, as measured in kilogrammes of solvent per tonne of finished product.

The target for specific solvent consumption calls for a 15% reduction by 2013 from the 2009 level. The reduction in specific consumption is pursued both through streamlined use of solvents and by progressive implementation of solvent-free technologies. As shown in the following graphic, the absolute consumption of solvents fell by 6% in 2011 from 2010, while their specific consumption fell by 10%.

Following the installation and activation of catalytic abatement plants at certain production sites, the estimated quantity of volatile organic compounds (VOC) released in the atmosphere in 2010 was significantly lower than the tonnes of solvents consumed.

Solvent consumption

Solvent consumption


2009 2010 2011
Tyre (ton) 2,640 2,990 2,850
Other Businesses (ton) 0 0 0
Absolute (ton) 2,640 2,990 2,850
Dismissed Businesses (ton) - - -
Specific (kg/tonFP) 3.31 3.33 3.00