Process environmental sustainability

As previously mentioned, during the tyre life cycle, less than 10% of the environmental impact is generated by the “process” phase, i.e. production of the tyre, as opposed to nearly 90% of the impact coming from use of the tyre itself.

The Premium logic that drives development of the company also characterises the approach to process eco-sustainability, with the latter becoming a distinguishing characteristic of Pirelli at the international level.

Pirelli has set itself challenging objectives to reduce the impact of its own processes on the ecosystem. It announced them to the external community in its Industrial Plan 2011-2013 with Vision to 2015 and related 2012-2014 update (named Fast Forward) presented to the market in November 2011.

The objectives concern the specific consumption of energy, uptake of water withdrawal, CO2 emissions, specific waste production and recovery and solvent consumption. They are defined in the following sections, to which reference is made for appropriate contextualisation and focus.