Monitoring of environmental performance

The environmental, health and safety performance of every Tyre business production site is monitored with the web-based Health, Safety and Environment Data Management (HSE-DM) system, which is elaborated and managed at the corporate level by the Health, Safety and Environment Department.

Pirelli has also completed the CSR-DM (CSR Data Management) IT system for managing Group sustainability information, which is used to consolidate the economic, environmental and social performance of all Group business units worldwide. Both systems support consolidation of the performance accounted for in this report.

No spills or other significant environment-related incidents occurred and no fines were imposed in 2011. A fire in the raw materials warehouse took place at the Gravataì plant.

This fire was promptly controlled and extinguished after prompt response by factory firemen assisted by local fire departments. The preparation of internal personnel, who are constantly given initial and in-service training, combined with the presence of adequate emergency response systems and equipment, made it possible to reduce the environmental and human impact to a minimum.