PTSM (Twin Screw Mixing) is the new Pirelli process for preparation of compounds and is the result of a combination of traditional batch mixing with continuous CCM technology.

It offers high levels of quality, reliability and efficiency, developed specifically for the production of compounds used in the new Pire - lli tyres. This technology makes it possible to realise major improvements in terms of compound uniformity, reduced dispersal of ingredients and a 30% reduction in energy consumption as compared with traditional techniques.

The PTSM process has optimised the silanization reaction of silica based compounds. This has made it possible to significantly reduce tyre rolling resistance, which directly translates into vehicle fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

The PTSM technology streamlines production efficiency, guaranteeing productivity increases of at least 300% as compared with the previous continuous CCM technology.

During execution of the PTSM project, special attention was also dedicated to definition of the layouts, significantly limiting the final dimensions of the plants and reducing their industrial impact.

As previously illustrated (when describing open innovation activities), within the context of the framework agreement for construction of the Settimo Torinese Technological and Production Centre for the fabrication of Green Performance and thus lower environmental impact tyres, in 2011 Pirelli Tyre and the Turin Polytechnic continued their joint research and technological innovation projects begun in 2008, dedicated to further innovation of PTSM and Next MIRS processes and the “intelligent” Cyber Tyre, as previously described in this report.