Product environmental sustainability

In the Industrial Plan update presented to the market in November 2011, Pirelli stated its objective to achieve global leadership in the Premium segment by 2015.

Pirelli Premium products – which include the famous Green Performance family of tyres – are characterised by their high safety performance and reduced environmental impact.

This involves the production of products that are safe for People and safe for the Planet, based on an innovative approach that implies all phases of the tyre life cycle, and specifically in regard to:

  • research and development of innovative materials in view of environmental protection inter alia,
  • reduction of tyre weight,
  • definition of forecasting models and models of tyre-vehicle interaction fundamental to the design of products offering ever-better performance,
  • development of innovative production technologies where efficiency plays a key-role,
  • creation of devices that help drivers use tyres in such a way as to exploit their full potential, reducing their environmental impact,
  • identification and realisation of ways to re-use materials derived from discarded tyres.