2012-2014 target and vision to 2015

When it presented its “Sustainability” targets, integrated in the three-year 2012-2014 Industrial Plan and Vision to 2015 presented in London in November 2011, the company set itself targets in support of its strategy safe for People, safe for the Planet. This means:

  • further improvement in the significant performance of its tyres in dry and wet conditions and noise abatement
  • extension of the Green Performance safety characteristics to the consumer markets in China, Latin America, United States and Mexico and to the industrial markets in China and Latin America;
  • strong commitment to research and development of product environmental characteristics in terms of:
    • lower rolling resistance – lower CO2 emissions;
    • less noise – less noise pollution;
    • more mileage – lengthened tyre life;
    • improved retreadability – less material for disposal;
    • reduced weight – less raw materials used and less impact on natural resources.

The presentation has been published on the site dedicated to the Pirelli three-year plan (industrial-plan.pirelli.com), from which it can be downloaded.