Cyber™ Tyre

The integration of electronics in tyres is one of the cornerstones of Pirelli’s Premium innovation strategy, aimed at guaranteeing continuous monitoring of key physical parameters, particularly tyre pressure. The use of tyres who pressure is 20% than its recommended pressure may result in up to 3% higher fuel consumption, with a correspondingly greater environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

Studies by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board have shown that for every 20 kPa of under inflation, there is an average increase in fuel consumption of 1%. Furthermore, tyre pressure that is 20% below what it should be causes irregular wear on the tyre tread and consequently increases wear and tear by 25%, which translates into a 30% reduction in the lifetime of the tyre.

After offering the K-Pressure™Optic system to the replacement market in past years, Pirelli is now able to offer the most advanced system for measuring tyre pressure and temperature: Cyber™ Tyre “Lean”. This device provides a series of information that makes it possible to optimise tyre pressure under all load conditions, with additional benefits in terms of reduced environmental impact.

The extension to trucks of technologies previously developed by Pirelli for car safety is represented by Cyber Fleet. The first generation of TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and RFId (Radio Frequency Identification) devices were be introduced on the market for management of truck fleets at the beginning of 2012, on occasion of the Truck Safety Day held in Livigno (Italy – Alps).

This technology uses an electronic sensor embedded in the tyre to dialogue simultaneously with the driver and the fleet management centre, reporting tyre pressure and temperature in real time. The new system is designed to keep tyres under continuous control, by measuring any anomalies to assure proper maintenance. This leads to a significant reduction in the environmental impact from tyre use, by lengthening their useful life and limiting fuel consumption.

The Cyber Tyre has been offered on the market in two generations:

  • The first version by 2012 with the basic characteristics described above;
  • The second, more advanced version by 2015, which will benefit from partnerships with McLaren, Ferrari, Volvo and other high-end car makers.