Products that can be obtained from recycling ELTs

Tyres are a mix of numerous materials that influence how they are recovered:

  • Material recycling: the tyre can be used as-is, or after physical treatment in countless applications, from civil engineering works to the production of asphalt and compounds ready to be reused in production processes.
  • Energy recovery: due to the high caloric content of ELTs, which exceeds that of coal, they are used as fuel in thermoelectric plants and in the ovens of cement production plants. The presence of natural rubber means that the ELT has a biomass content that is near or above 20% of its total weight, thereby assuring a reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions of the plants that use them.

The following info-graphic illustrates the positive evolution of treatment of ELTs between 1996 and 2010.

Evolution of ELTs recovery

Evolution of ELTs recovery

Fonte: ETRMA ELT 2011