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Pirelli launched new Green Performance products in 2011. In March the Company presented the Cinturato P1, the high-technology Green Performance tyre designed for small and medium-sized cars, which can guarantee reduced fuel consumption, respect for the environment and safe driving on all road surfaces. The impact of safe for People, safe for the Planet is clearly illustrated in the following info-graphic.

Cinturato P1

Cinturato P1

Cinturato P1

Cinturato P1 has extended the Pirelli Cinturato family of tyres to city-cars as part of development of its Green Performance product strategy. That strategy was launched three years ago with the Cinturato P4 and P6, and subsequently enhanced by the Cinturato P7 for medium-sized cars.

Pirelli has extended the technology developed for Ultra High Performance tyres to the most recent addition to the Cinturato family. Developed at the Milan Research and Development Centre, the pulsing heart of Pirelli technology where even Formula 1 racing tyres are designed, Cinturato P1 is conceived according to the most modern design criteria that have already been successfully experimented with the Cinturato P7, winner of the most important tests conducted by European certification bodies and the most authoritative automotive magazines.

Cinturato P1 has been designed for full compliance with the European labelling regulations that will come into force in 2012.

From the very first official tests, the newest Pirelli tyre has swept away all of its competitors as measured by fuel savings and noise reduction, two fundamental parameters for receiving a high “environmental grading”. As compared with the previous product, the use of innovative technological solutions has cut the weight of Cinturato P1 by 15%, resulting in up to 25% lower rolling resistance, thereby guaranteeing up to a 5% reduction in fuel consumption and pollution emissions.

For example: using the Cinturato P1 to drive from Milan to Rome means saving about 2 litres of fuel – as compared with the Pirelli benchmark tyre mounted on a medium sized gasoline powered automobile – which translates into a saving of 6 kg in CO2 emissions. When measured according to another green parameter, the Cinturato P1 reduced external noise by 1.5 dB as compared with the previous product (in accordance with EU Regulation 1222/2009) and internal noise by an average of 1dB to guarantee greater comfort and driving pleasure.

Representing a significant 27% of all sales worldwide, the Cinturato line is destined to grow in line with further reinforcement of the Green Performance strategy set out in the Industrial Plan.