Principal sustainability targets for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Legend:  Underway    -  Year of achievement    -  Under maintenance 


Global leadership in the Premium market segment

impact of sales of “green performance” products against Group total sales >45%

Readjustment of production presence in rapidly developing economies (RDE), Latin America and mature markets, where each area will contribute 1/3 of Group profitability

Technological upgrade of production sites and machinery (in 2015, 64% of Premium car production will be located at the new plants)

Plan for investments of up to euro 2.4 billion
(up from euro 1.9 billion under the previous plan)

Maintenance of investments in research activity over the next three years at about 3% of sales, which represents one of the highest levels in the sector

Launch of 18 new car products --> 57% of sales from new products


Communication focused on highlighting the progressive implementation of the 2012-2014 Business Plan and Vision to 2015

Steady increase in road shows dedicated to Social Responsible Investors


New Sustainability audits

Extension of the new Purchasing Portal throughout the Group

Training of Strategic Vendors in “countries of concern”


Focus on dialogue with end customer through web platforms and opinion surveys

Integration of e-commerce in the catalogue product of the new Metzeler site

Market release of first base version of Cyber Tyre

Market release of second version of Cyber Tyre

Information and training campaigns on road safety, according to the Programme defined by signing of the EU Safety Charter and contributing to the “UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020”


Specific energy consumption: -15% vs. 2009

CO2 equivalents specific emissions: -15% vs. 2009

Specific water withdrawal: -70% vs. 2009
(compared with -35% targeted in previous Plan)

Waste recovery: +15% vs. 2009 (compared with +5% targeted in previous Plan)

Specific waste production: -5% vs. 2009

Replacement of wood pallets by the Steel Cord Business Unit Steel Cord with plastic or metal pallets

Specific consumption of solvents in production processes: -15% vs. 2009 (compared with -4% targeted in previous Plan)


Focus on employee welfare

Reduction of accident frequency index: -60% vs 2009
(compared with -40% targeted in previous Plan)

Consolidation of new POWRA (point of work risk assessment) tool for maintenance activities

Integration of a Health, Safety and Environment module in Process Kaizen Engineer training

Definition of a Group internal standard for a  non-monetary rewarding related to Health, Safety and Environment aspects

Employee training: 7 average days pro-capita (up from 6.2 in 2011)

Release of new intranet version


Reinforcement of social and environmental responsibility partnerships with local NGOs and central and local institutions

Continual pro-activity for the dissemination of good sustainability practices at the local and international level (through CSR Europe, World Business Council For Sustainable Development, ...)

Application of Whistleblowing Procedure to External Community

Membership in Trasparency International