Social solidarity, education and training and health

Social solidarity

The inclusive approach taken by Pirelli to involvement and inclusion takes the form of social solidarity worldwide. In Brazil, where Pirelli has been historically active in the local community with social initiatives, support for the “Projeto Guri” continued. This project offers musical instrument and singing lessons to 200 children from disadvantaged families. Pirelli also supports Aliança da Misericórdia, an orphanage in São Paulo that offers shelter to 300 orphans and homeless children, as well as the Asilo Nido Dr. Klaide in Santo André.
Pirelli supports the Fundació Mambre in Spain, a foundation that operates as facilitator in social inclusion processes, supporting homeless people on their individual growth paths. Its goal is to create dwelling solutions. In Romania the employees of Pirelli Eco Technology organised themselves with Christmas gifts for disabled children at the Complexul de Servicii Comunitare PT. Copilul Cu Handicap centre at Targu- Jiu. In Turkey Pirelli has supported the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZIÇEV) by covering the cost of gas to heat the centre. Türk Pirelli Tyres has also supported Bizimköy – Handicapped People Manufacturing Centre, a training and employment for disabled persons, by covering the cost of constructing new buildings.

In China Pirelli has supported the neediest families amongst its employees by offering money and food. In Germany Pirelli has supported a centre to feed the poor and an association for poor people, as well as a hospice for children and the Red Cross. In Venezuela Pirelli has organised donations for toys given to needy children.

In 2011 Pirelli rallied all its employees in response to the serious emergency resulting from the tsunami in Japan. After the campaigns “My Time for Haiti” and “My Time for Indonesia,” Pirelli launched “My Time for Japan,” another solidarity initiative that is stands out for the mobilisation of coworkers and company together and direct involvement in choosing the destination of the project.

It was not easy to determine what solidarity project to which this money was to be donated. Pirelli targeted children and their hunger for “food for the soul,” and their need to overcome the traumas and difficulties of a post-earthquake world.

With the aid of the UNHCR, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, which had already proved itself to be a valid partner in the project “My Time for Haiti,” Pirelli made contact with SVA – Shanti Volunteer Association, an international NPO active in various regions of Asia, and particularly in the areas devastated by the earthquake in Japan. SVA proposed financing the community building project of “traveling libraries,” already tested with great success in other Asian countries in similar situations. With the traveling libraries, the volunteers create initiatives to bring together child victims of the earthquake and also engage their families, many of whom live in temporary housing.

With the funds collected as part of the “My Time for Japan” campaign, a vehicle was purchased for use as the traveling library, as well as thousands of books.

Destination: 32 stations in Iwate Prefecture, one of the areas devastated by the earthquake, Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Ofunato City and Rikuzentakata City, reaching a total of 2,500 children.


Pirelli considers contributing to improvement in the health services of the communities where it operates to be a priority. Since 2008 Pirelli Tyres Romania, in collaboration with the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, supports the professional training of medical and nursing professionals and the donation of medical equipment and devices to the Slatina Hospital.

Over 100 professional who annually take care of more than 40,000 patients were trained in this programme. Together with two other companies operating at this location, Pirelli Tyres Romania covered the costs for that hospital’s 2011 audit. Pirelli Tyres Romania has also provided for the dental care of 360 children in Slatina and Bals with the Overland for Smile project. Since 2010 Pirelli supports the Hospital Pequeno Principe in Curitiba, the biggest paediatric hospital in Brazil. In 2011 it focused resources on treating high-risk patients. In the United Kingdom, Pirelli has supported fund-raising events for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Burton Hospital, Rainbows Children’s Hospice and Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Dublin. As part of its sponsorship of Formula 1, Pirelli UK Tyres Ltd. has made a commitment to support the not-for-profit Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. In July the Company cosponsored a benefit party on behalf of the Charity and, coinciding with the Silverstone Grand Prix, donated all proceeds from the Pirelli Activation Area to it. This commitment has been renewed for the 2012 season.
Moreover, Pirelli employees in various parts of the world have donated their blood to health-care institutions.

In 2011 Pirelli has also supported Emergency, a neutral Italian non-governmental organisation created to offer free, high-quality medical and surgical care to war, landmine and poverty victims. Pirelli has given its support to the Salam Heart Surgery Centre in Khartoum, Sudan, which was opened by Emergency in 2007 to provide free, highly qualified car to patients suffering from congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases treatable by surgery, particularly rheumaticorigin heart valve pathologies whose development is often linked to poverty and the lack of basic care. Pirelli has covered the travel and care costs of 145 paediatric patients and adolescents suffering from heart disease who visited the Khartoum Centre from 18 African countries.

Education and training

Pirelli promotes education, instruction, and technical training as a basic value. The Company supports educational programmes that can give poor children the tools for escaping poverty. It contributes to scholarships and research projects. It offers technical training to its own workers but also to the communities where it operates, firmly believing in training as key to individual growth and the economic growth of a nation.

In Brazil Pirelli supports Educandario Imaculado Coracao de Maria in Amélia Rodrigues, an elementary school run by Italian nuns. In Turkey the company supports the Türk Pirelli Primary School and Türk Pirelli High School with ad hoc initiatives such as renovation of the kindergarten and library, career day, and others. Pirelli offers school and university scholarships in various countries, from Italy to Venezuela, and from Romania to Spain.

The Company offers internships, finances student projects like “Formula Student” in Spain for the construction of a racing car, and promotes international exchanges between students (like the programme for Romanian students in Qatar). In Germany Pirelli supports the association of women engineers. In Turkey it made a donation to the European College. Special mention must be made of the recent agreement between Pirelli and Qufu Normal University in China: Pirelli will finance 25 excellent students from poor backgrounds so that they can complete their studies. At the same time, it will support research on Confucianism by subsidizing the China Confucius website and “Confucius Culture Month” activities.

Pirelli also continues cooperating with the University of Shandong in China and the University of Craiova in Romania, among others. In Venezuela, the programme “Time for Reflection” has received an extremely positive response, by offering lessons on various topics open to the community.

Pirelli also is accustomed to promoting training projects on traffic and tyre safety issues for law enforcement officers in Italy and around the world. In Turkey, the Company is also involved in preparing bus drivers on traffic related topics.

Externally, Pirelli has supported projects in the communities where it operates for technical training useful to create a good balance between labour supply and demand. In Romania the project “CORE: Linking labour market needs with the workforce in S-V Oltenia Region” is a partnership between Pirelli , certain NGO’s (e.g. the “Fondazione Luigi Clerici”) and other firms operating locally. CORE offers courses on vulcanization and other training projects for rubber workers, mechanics, and industrial electricians. In Romania the programme “Train yourself for success” is aimed at school-age kids and offers them useful vocational technical training. In Egypt, Pirelli is launching a major project to promote an industrial technique training school in the community of El-Nahda, in collaboration with CDS (Centre for Development Services).