Employer branding, development and training

Knowing Pirelli: employer branding activities

Activity was particularly intense in 2011. Numerous initiatives were taken to enhance the appeal of Pirelli amongst leading universities and management schools.

Pirelli launched its new Employer Branding campaign. Its tough, gutsy image is inspired by the company’s involvement as supplier to Formula 1 and fully reflects the dynamic spirit that characterises the Group.

Presented at all leading Italian and foreign universities of interest to the Group, this campaign was accompanied by an illustrative brochure that specially created for students and new graduates, and was distributed at career days and special meetings.

Group orientation and presentation meetings were held at Business Schools, universities and technical institutes, delegations from Italian and international universities were hosted, special lectures were given by Pirelli management as part of university courses, and career and recruiting days were organised.

Special mention should be made of the project work dedicated to mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering students at the Milan Polytechnic, with the aim of offering them the possibility of learning about and confronting specific issues of “corporate life” involving, for example, their aptitude for continuous improvement. This allowed Pirelli to raise the consciousness of its potential job candidates on matters that are both a part of corporate culture and critical factors of success. To facilitate transferral of this practical experience, face-to-face lessons and software simulations of the production process were used, complemented by subsequent exercises.

International programmes continued in 2011, including Politong. This project originated at three major engineering schools: Milan Polytechnic, Turin Polytechnic, and Tongi University in Shanghai, which give the programme its name. Through study in alternate years by Italian and Chinese students at the various universities in Milan, Turin and Shanghai, Politong trains students by giving them an international education, in a dynamic context and, above all, with the possibility of earning a double degree that is recognised both in Italy and in China.

The Bocconi Merit Awards also continued, offering scholarships to the best Italian and foreign students enrolled at the university. The Italian Lessons project was also developed in 2011. This programme is aimed at teaching Italian to highly promising foreign students of interest to Pirelli, facilitating their future employment at the Company. Through Italian Lessons, Pirelli has had the great opportunity – for both the Company and students – to identify young talents from areas of the world where Pirelli has a presence, thereby laying the groundwork for preparing a new multicultural generation of Pirelli employees.

This programme can be summarised by the following numbers:

  • 190 foreign students are candidates;
  • 50 students have passed the curriculum vitae screening, have taken the online Italian test and have been interviewed by Pirelli HR;
  • 15 students have been chosen to participate in the Pirelli Italian course;
  • 3 students have been introduced to operations for internships, including:
    • 2 Turkish engineers assigned to R&D Truck + Engineering;
    • 1 Russian engineer in Risk Management.

Collaboration also continued with the University of Craiova, in an IT research project and through the creation of a master in management engineering that was fully supported and developed by Pirelli. Other collaborations involved the Chinese university in Shandong and the Brazilian polytechnic in Santo André. The first of these involves a research and development project, and the second involves a plan designed for qualifying specialised technical personnel.

The web is one of the key tools for talent attraction and employer branding. The Career section of pirelli.com is constantly revised to offer maximum clarity and transparency for users. The site presents Pirelli in terms of its vision, the opinion of employees who work there, by indicating the career paths that characterise the different professional families inside the firm, training policies and remuneration development.