Performance Management

PMT – Performance Management Tool – is the online performance management and assessment tool launched at the Group level in 2007 and gradually extended to all staff (executives, cadres and white collar staff) at Pirelli business units around the world. This process engaged over 5,700 employees in 2011, about 100 persons more than in 2010, following extension of the online tool to Group affiliate employees in Southeast Asia. The Pirelli PMT is extremely dynamic, easy to use, capable of interpreting and expressing the innovative values and cultural changes promoted by the Group, while facilitating their sharing and learning.

Just as in the previous year, the Performance Management Tool accompanied the Leadership project in 2011, which was inspired by the new model introduced in 2010.

The section dedicated to identification and assessment of skills specifically reflects this alignment. Since 2010 it has included the nine drivers for the new leadership programme for everyone at the Company who holds positions of responsibility and manages other employees.

In accordance with the importance attributed to behaviour by the leadership project, since 2010 the Performance Management process envisages that assessment of not only the achieved results but also the actions taken to achieve them be highlighted. This facilitates maximum transparency in the assessment and discussion dynamics between supervisors and their team. The section of the PM dedicated to the Development Plan plays a key role. It was created in 2010 to host the supervisor’s and subordinate’s thoughts in regard to growth and development possibilities.

Competence Mapping

In 2011 the skills mapping process was launched on the Performance Management platform with the aim of:

  • providing the Company with a complete and exact snapshot of the distribution of skills;
  • providing the Company with suggestions for planning specific training campaigns;
  • offering the supervisor an opportunity to discuss his/her subordinate’s strengths and areas needing improvement;
  • providing the supervisor with an overview of his/her subordinate’s strengths and needs for improvement.

The professional families involved by the process were Industrial, Quality and HSE, for a total of 732 persons, originating in seven countries (China, Egypt, Italy, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany).

The online version of the process made it possible to measure the extent of specific skills exactly, in view of the mobility and polyvalence of resources.

Scouting & Talent Management Activities

The principal process of talent scouting at the Group is connected with the Development Centre, the initial part of the Pirelli international Career Development Programme.

Various initiatives were undertaken in 2011 to motivate, engage and retain talented individuals at the company.

The first step was to redefine the criteria for identifying talents at the Company. Then the department, business unit and Company management were asked to list the names of talented individuals and define a development plan for each one. When Performance Management 2010 was opened, the talented individuals discussed and agreed on a medium-term development plan with their own supervisor.

The goal of this process is to give the employee a clear understanding of the value of his professional career.

The pool of talented individuals will be used as a primary source for covering key personnel openings at the Company.