Initiatives for the internal community

For several years, the Group has been implementing a series of measures in various areas to support its employees, from healthcare to company discount arrangements with various entities, from social to leisure time activities and assistance for families and their children.

In 2011 it set up an ad hoc organisational function, the Group Welfare Manager with Group level responsibility, confirming the increasing attention dedicated to this issue.

The Company’s initiatives for the Internal Community have always varied from country to country, and address the specific needs that are typical of the various social contexts in which the affiliates operate. They are aimed at all employees, regardless of whether they are unlimited term, limited term or part-time employees.

Periodic surveys and exchanges of experiences with the management located in different countries has shown that the work/professional services and private/family services offered to the Internal Community can be broken down into four basic areas of action:

  • healthcare;
  • family;
  • leisure time;
  • workplace (facility, training and group celebrations).

The Human Resources and Organisation Department issued a number of guidelines to Group affiliates in 2010. The aim was to concentrate the attention of the services offered on the broad concept of welfare for individuals and families, and thus including culture (libraries, tickets to stage performances, company discounts at book stores) and operating support (scholarships for children, reimbursements for certain book expenses or school fees). Studies were conducted in each country during 2011 to determine implementation of the guidelines.

Among the new initiatives taken in 2010 and continued in 2011, mention should be made of Pirelli plus and Nasce una mamma (A Mother is Born) realised for the Milan area at the Bicocca centre.

“Pirelli plus” embraces the numerous services provided to Bicocca employees, including those tied to health at the Ambulatorio Polispecialistico (“Multi-specialty Health Clinic”), which typifies the company healthcare that has been offered for over 80 years and housed in a new home since 2010. Several other services will be subsequently added, to provide services and discount programmes with service providers that free up employee time so that they can better use their own free time.

“Nasce una mamma” targets future mothers and fathers, giving them a series of important administrative information (specific laws and regulations, required forms) and information about the benefits offered by the company to families (terms and procedures for the parent’s return to work, company discounts offered by day care centres, meetings of new mothers with a labour psychologist).

But that is not all: upon returning to work after maternity leave, new mothers are invited to participate in a training course designed to support the resumption of work and reconcile personal and professional commitments.

In 2011, 98% of Italian employees on maternity leave returned to their job. Parental leaves granted to new fathers represent an opportunity receiving growing attention from male workers, although they are still rarely requested in Italy.

Pirelli is extremely sensitive to this issue, which has already been analysed both inside and outside Italy for the purpose of better understanding the dynamics – especially cultural dynamics – behind it, and giving additional support both to new mothers and new fathers in exploiting the statutory and corporate opportunities offered to them.

Open Days were organised as usual at various Company facilities for celebrations with employees, their friends and families.

In the healthcare area, Pirelli has always offered infirmary services at its production plants that offer all employees with specialised health and medical services during working hours. These facilities provide first aid care, advice on health problems unrelated to work and health supervision for workers who might be exposed to specific hazards.

Health promotion and health prevention campaigns are also supported at the infirmaries, being developed in the form of local programmes. Once again in 2011, Pirelli offered all its employees the opportunity to be inoculated with the seasonal flu vaccine free of charge.

Safety Week was held in 2011 at all Group units (see its description in the section dedicated to training initiatives).