Interaction and awareness, internal communication in 2011

More interactive procedures, capable of promoting full participation in corporate life, including through increasing use of multimedia language, characterised internal communication in 2011, with the aim of bringing all employees closer to the strategic choices made by Pirelli .

Internationalisation, focus on the tyre business, leadership in the Premium segment, and technological innovation: these were the key words of the internal communication strategy, in harmony with the objectives of the 2012- 2014 Industrial Plan.

The corporate intranet and house organs were the principal communication tools used in initiatives that, over the course of the year, directly engaged employees through increasingly prompt and immediately usable formats of event communication that impacted the message and through channels developed specifically for plant staff, with intranet stations inside the factories, screens in company canteens and the new newsletters dedicated to blue collar workers.

Several statistics illustrating the development of intranet demonstrate a significant increase in the engagement of employees worldwide: first of all, the average time online quintupled from 2010 (from 1 minute to 5 minutes), probably in consequence of greater publication of news items (about 800) and steadily growing production of videos. Also of interest in this regard is the growing share represented by ‘rest of the world’ (which increased by 3 percentage points, from 62% to 65%) as compared with Italy, which corresponds to the process of internationalization desired by the company in communication.

The new intranet project, which engaged Internal Communications in 2011 and is scheduled for release in 2012, marks a major evolution in the process of awareness of the role that each employee plays in his/her professional group, business unit and, ultimately, the entire Company.

Proximity and par ticipa tion in corporate programmes

Internal Communications, in collaboration with other corporate functions, has developed various initiatives to engage all employees in strategic corporate events, that are traditionally or by their nature aimed only at a narrow group or even external. Following are a number of examples that have involved all Pirelli employees simultaneously at the global level through the intranet platform.

For example, the Industrial Plan and the Executives Convention have been published for the first time live on :Pnet. Both initiatives were successes, considering the number of colleagues that watched the event live and by delayed broadcast.

Other significant examples are the Leadership and Organisational System, made accessible to everyone on :Pnet. In the first case, nine instalments were aired on :Pnet in July 2011, illustrating to everyone for the first time the new leadership model adopted by Pirelli. This led to the choice of a television style format and language that engaged the participation of the Human Resources and Organisation Director as show host, flanked by six internationally recognised leaders from various fields (innovative businesses, medicine, academia, sports, and special units from law enforcement organisations).

Likewise, the Human Resources and Organisation Director illustrated the new organisational structure of Pirelli to all employees in an October 2011 video broadcast. This was an informative broadcast that transformed the topic from an issued reserved for specialists into a theme more familiar to everyone.

“The intranet that you would like”: the new :Pnet was created with contributions by everyone

The project to develop the new Pirelli intranet directly involves all employees around the world by using three principal tools: interviews with top management, workshops for middle management, and surveys targeting everyone. These three initiatives revealed the real needs of the various groups of employees. Among these is greater utility in daily work through the availability of work tools and collaborative environments. The project to revise :Pnet takes these priorities into account.

Focus :Pbook, starting from Bicocca

The :Pbook book club organised for employees at the Bicocca debuted at the end of January 2012. It is set up as a community model focused on interest in reading, exportable to various countries around the world. The community meets physically once a month, but interaction continues online.

:Pbook was born as the pilot experience of collaboration that the new intranet project dedicates to non-professional Pirelli communities, with the aim of promoting social relations amongst co-workers on a basis that transcends their professional groups.

Factory communication is updated

Internal communication dedicated ample space to production, processes, and persons, emphasizing the sustainability and other goals achieved in factories around the world.

The objective was to acquaint even blue collar workers with corporate strategy, by using direct communication tools such as Polonline. Launched in 2011, this is an online newsletter that recounts the principal events that have occurred at the Settimo Torinese Industrial Centre, in addition to Pirelli events in Italy and around the world. The world of Pirelli production is characterised by the distribution of newsletters at all plants worldwide, each having its own characteristics according to local tradition.

These include Pirelli Voice, the newsletter published at Yanzhou, China, which has a target of over 2,000 blue collar workers and was recognised in January 2012 as one of the best corporate newsletters in Shandong Province. Stiri is the newsletter distributed exclusively to employees at Pirelli Romania.

This is a monthly that has generated a good return for three years in terms of loyal readership and feedback.

Another step has been taken in the process of engaging all employees in the life of the entire Company through the introduction of new intranet stations in factories.